Tuesday, March 16, 2010

History of Johnson County

Another major section of the new Johnson Co KSGenWeb site is History. This section opens to a brief overview of the history of Johnson County and is filled with all sorts of interesting data.

In this section you can find old articles that have been transcribed and new articlees as well. There are links to the old Atlas images, all found online. Bios is a compilation of links to biographical sketches of some of the earliest pioneer settlers to the county.

Some census records have been transcribed and donated including parts of the first 1855 Territorial Census. Under Churches we have some new donations including an 1867 school roster to one of the earliest schools in the county.

The Military section contains a rost of 1883 Pensioners, 1907 Honored Dead, and WWII Honored Dead as well as links to statewide info. Miscellaneous contains all sorts of things, like family bible inscriptions, letters, and a garden club meeting.

The Past Towns section is full of lots of little towns that were abandoned, became ghost towns, and eventually disappeared with no trace. Pioneers contains a 1907 list of old Pioneers from as part of an annual celebration. And Schools contains school-related donations.

If you don't know where to look for something, remember to dig around in the History seciton!

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